New NKS Preset Packs for Komplete / Maschine Featured

Continuing work on the Komplete Kontrol hardware platform there are now a number of NKS Instrument Preset Packs available with more to come... 

Started working again on creating new packs for my own instruments for the Komplte Kontrol platform and decided to revisit how I could wrap the Korg Legacy Collection. The issue with these instruments is they do not offer the same hooks to grab preset labels or tag information like other instruments I have done so I gave up on these for being just too hard. 

However after much persistence I was able to finally find a way that actually opened up the same method to be used for almost any VST on the market so it has worked in my favor to be able to start working through some other options. 

The following have just been released:


I have also just purchased the Omnisphere Moog Legacy collection plus Keyscape, neither of which I have even had a chance to get stuck into but I have had to revisit my scripts for wrapping Omnisphere and update them for some slight differences in windows 10 (from 7 when I created Omnisphere). 
While updating these scripts I started to dread the sheer amount of hours I would have to spend doing all the fiddly manual stuff between each category for the tagging and decided to instead start looking at ways I could improve the script (which was quite basic really). This involved a complete rewrite but I had some neat ideas to make things faster and more indepth. The issue with the tagging the presets is there is simply no way to read the tag information as text out of Omnisphere (or any VST) so the way I was doing it was to basically create an "input bot" for the script that I typed in manually the tags that appeared on-screen at a time for the script to work through. It would then work through each preset in a category, find the preset file in KK using a search and add the tags. Of course I needed to manually do this over and over between every category which was very time consuming. 
The new idea I started testing was to step through presets then open the "edit tag" window in Omnisphere and use OCR software to read the fields on-screen and convert this to a tag array which I can then feed into a preset all at once. This means I can now automate conversion of the presets without any hands on work and should be able to now read the tags and write them directly. It still takes a huge amount of time (approx 1 minute per preset) but I can leave it unnatended for a week to do it if needed which should hopefully make it possible to do 3rd party presets for users too without having to charge for all the time it would take me. 
Still developing and testing but it's a challenge I am enjoying.

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